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Starting your home buying journey? We’ve helped many clients buy their first homes, even when they were convinced they never could.
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When it comes to home loans, there’s no one size fits all solution. We provide real solutions and loan options.

Nothing should hold you back, whether it be not-so-stellar credit history, income changes, or a lack of down payment.

The Augusta Team is prepared to walk you through the process step by step.

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That‘s Okay!

My credit history is not the best

Don’t count yourself out if you think your credit score is too low to qualify. There are many loan programs where borrowers qualify with low credit scores or past credit events.

Bankruptcy, foreclosure, late payments, collections, we’ll help you sort through and understand your credit history.

I‘m a self-employed business owner

Income Calculation for self-employment isn’t always cut and dry. Sometimes it fluctuates, and tax returns don’t always tell the whole story.

At Augusta, our Loan Officers use their expertise and experience to help make sense of your income streams and how they are used to qualify for home loans.

I‘m still saving for my down payment

Having 20% down on a home is nice, but we know it’s not an option for everyone.

Some loan programs allow for the borrower to put as little as 3% down. Options for gift funds can help towards the down payment and closing costs.

Getting Pre-Approved with an Augusta Loan Officer is totally free—and there‘s zero commitment.