Just The Beginning-Our Story Augusta Financial


Just the Beginning

On October 1, 1995, Mike Meena founded Augusta Financial.

As the company grew and progressed, we built a stellar reputation in Southern California.

The business kept growing, but in late 2006, the market began to crash, and all our lenders started disappearing. By 2009, our best lenders were gone, the market was a mess, and Augusta decided that in order to survive, we would have to become bankers.

This decision was a huge step and very risky but, much to our delight, it worked!

We are now an operation that lives in several cities across Southern California, and Augusta is licensed in numerous states. With our team always growing, we stay true to always to being a wonderful, extended family.

Making a Difference

Expanding Family

We will never shy away from a challenging loan or problem. Our goals have remained the same throughout the years: we want you to be a lifelong client. We put every effort into making your home-buying dreams come true.

We recognize that people are relocating to other parts of the country, and we want to ensure you are taken care of once you get to your new destination.

We are proud to announce that we have recently expanded into Arizona, Texas, and Idaho! No matter how big we get or how far our reach, we are still a family, and our clients are a large part of that family.

Community Commitment

26 Years and Counting

Over our 26 years in business, we have created a company that makes a difference and will keep making a difference. Our Augusta family is strong and resilient as some of our team members have been with us for the better part of two decades.

Augusta Financial is committed to giving back to the community, and we are actively involved with charities such as Tidings for Teens, Department of Children & Family Services, Henry Mayo Hospital, and many others.

We also participate in and sponsor local events because we believe that building relationships in the community is the basis for personal connection and positive growth.

Community Commitment-Our Story Augusta Financial