This month’s Spotlight Employee is Dwayne Okpaise, a loan officer of Augusta Financial since 2003.  As a loan officer working for our owner, Mike Meena, Dwayne works directly with agents, clients and a fabulous team that, in his words, “makes him look good at his job”. Dwayne exudes patience, kindness and a calming demeanor that is a great foil to our more outspoken owner. Together they help redefine success as not the loans you close but the satisfied clients you help.

Before Dwayne was helping make people’s home ownership dreams come true, he worked for Vons Supermarket for 17 years. Starting off bagging groceries, he later became a department manager and then a store manager. He was still working at Vons when he was brought on part time as the first loan assistant ever hired at Augusta Financial. That was until Mike made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, and he left Vons to join the Augusta team full-time, bringing the outstanding service we have all come to know and expect of Dwayne.

If Dwayne had not found himself in the mortgage industry, he would have liked to have been the guitarist in a famous rock band, the star of a long running TV show, or maybe would have even settled for being a major action movie star. Luckily for us, Dwayne can’t play the guitar or act, though he’s open to learning. While he’s learning those skills, maybe he can finally learn a second language. Who knows, maybe it will come in handy while playing trivia with his wife and family, although he may not need it, since he always seems to win without even trying.

If there is one thing Dwayne cannot resist, its spending time with his family. Born in Portland, OR, Dwayne is the oldest and only boy of the family. In 1983 his family made the move from Portland to North Hollywood, CA.  While attending North Hollywood High School Dwayne joined the track team and was a successful competitor in pole-vaulting until he graduated in 1986. In 1993, Dwayne married his best friend and moved to Simi Valley, where they raised two wonderful sons, Derick and Dwayne Jr.

Thank you for everything you do Dwayne!

Executive Team