We are happy to announce this month’s Spotlight Employee, Karen Gross, a nearly 20-year employee of Augusta Financial.  As a Senior Processor, Karen helps loan originators structure, submit and close loans.  This includes analyzing and verifying credit, income, assets, appraisal and property documentation.  With the help of a Junior Processor and an assistant, Karen’s team is responsible for directly communicating with borrowers, realtors, and our loan officers.  As an added bonus, Karen often originates her own loans too.

Karen was hired in January 12, 2000 and was lucky enough to be the first employee of Co-Founders Mike Meena and Sean Treloggen.  She originally found work at Augusta through a temp agency and became a full-time employee almost a year after her initial contract.  When asked how the company has changed over the years, Karen commented that “there have been so many different faces.”  With all the changes in the industry and within the company, she has been a constant at Augusta Financial.

Born in Northridge, CA, Karen lived in the San Fernando Valley until the age of 8 and then moved to Valencia, CA where she has been ever since.  She originally thought that she wanted to be a Realtor and obtained her Real Estate license in 1999.  Having worked the Real Estate side for a few months, Karen decided that she would be a better fit for the mortgage side of the business.

An avid bowler, Karen has been in a bowling league for 10 plus years and has several trophies to show for it.  In 2018 Karen became a mom for the first time to a beautiful baby girl, named Khloe.  The two of them love to go shopping together and to the zoo.  Karen is a strong woman, yet when asked what her greatest fear is, she said “Not living long enough to see my baby girl grow up.”  Karen is looking forward to traveling the world one day, “especially to Europe”, but would take a trip to Palm Springs and lounge by the pool on any given day.

Karen has seen all sides of this business.  She has worked as the receptionist, a doc drawer, an underwriter and pretty much done whatever Mike has asked her to do.  Having had so many different roles, Karen’s advice to a new hire would be to “Learn everything you can.  Listen and take it all in.”  She ultimately hopes to run her own business one day and work for herself, “preferably somewhere tropical,” but for now, Augusta Financial is her home.

Over the years, she has enjoyed the friendships that she has made and “all the amazing people that she works with.”  If you’ve worked here long enough, you probably have received a gag gift or a random/weird item on your desk.  Karen has “done this for years, without people figuring out who it was.  It gets people laughing.”  We have appreciated the laughs and your constant dedication to the company.  Thank you Karen!

Executive Team