Stacy Peacock is the Augusta Financial Spotlight Employee for the month of March 2020. A longtime employee of Augusta Financial, Stacy came to work at the company after being referred by a loan officer she was working with at the time.  Currently employed as the Underwriting Manager, Stacy began her mortgage career as a Loan Processor.  She found the industry after spending some time in the insurance business and has grown and excelled over the last 20 years.

Born in Long Beach, California, Stacy spent the early part of her childhood in Orange County.  She moved to Santa Clarita in the fourth grade and has lived in the SCV ever since.  Early in her mortgage career, Stacy was a single mom simply focused on taking care of her daughter.  Since that time, she married her former band mate and has added another daughter and son to their family.  While in the band, Stacy played the keyboards, tambourine, floor tom, and background vocals.  She was a true utility girl.

Stacy has seen the company change over the years and just like the band, she has been an extremely versatile asset.  “When I started with Augusta, the company was a loan broker.  After about six months of working here we started to transition into becoming a banker.”  Stacy worked in several positions and moved around from Processor to Underwriter to Manager.  She explained that “We have grown in size quite a bit, and moved locations a few times;” however, when asked where her favorite place to be is, she remarked “work, of course.”  Stacy enjoys helping other employees and loan officers.  “It feels really good when I can help figure out a solution on a tough loan or scenario.  At the end of the day, helping people obtain their American dream is pretty cool.”

Her greatest fear is not being able to provide a good life for her family.  Outside of work, she loves re-decorating her house and enjoys all things interior design.  She can be pulled in many directions throughout the day and turns to her trusty friend, coffee to get her through it all.  Working at a fast- paced company, Stacy would tell any new hire to “be on his/her toes and take things with a grain of salt.”  After 10 years with the company there have been many good times for Stacy.  She has made lifelong friendships with people that have worked at Augusta and still do.   When asked, she stated “I really cannot imagine working anywhere else.”

Thank you, Stacy for the hard work and years of dedication to Augusta Financial.  Here is to many more years!!!

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